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  Complete Wilderness Bike Conversion Kit
Electric Bike Conversion Kit

6-Month Warranty!
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Get The Equivalent Of Over 800 Mpg With A Wilderness Bike Conversion Kit.

We Will Beat Any Advertized Price On The Wilderness Bike Conversion Kit

6-Month Warranty
Our Electrician Has 32 Years Of Industrial Electrical Experience.

Bl-36 Brushless, 36 Volt System...Our Highest End Model.

Wilderness Conversion Kit–An Economical Delight

Get that old unused bike out of the garage or basement and Electrify it! In about an hour you can have an Electric Bike. The Wilderness Conversion Kit is the best answer for those who are looking for an inexpensive way to travel and not work up a sweat. Since the motor (Front Wheel Hub Motor) is separate from the bike's normal pedal and gear system, if you choose to pedal just release the throttle and start peddling. The Wilderness Conversion Kit is the most economical means of transportation that we've found. You can just go to Target or Wal-Mart pick up the bike that will meet your needs. (Must have steel front fork.)Take it home and within an hour or two you'll be Electrified! And the Wilderness conversion kit can be installed on most Trikes too.

  • Description: Motor mounted in wheel, lighted thumb throttle, controller unit, key switch, battery pack, rack, and smart charger.
  • Hub Motor: 600 Watt, 36 Volt DC Gearless, Brushless
  • Throttle Type: Variable Speed Throttle
  • Push Button Switch: Push Button Switch
  • Battery Pack: Sealed, 12 Volt DC, 12 Amp Hour Lead-Acid Gel-Cell Batteries (x3)
  • Electronics:Electronic Speed Controller Unit
  • Wheel Sizes Availablity: 20, 24 or 26 inch, or 700C Front Tire with Front Wheel Drive
  • Top Speed: Top Speed: 20+ mph
  • Range: Average Range (Distance) per Charge: 30+ miles. (Rider weight contingent)
  • Charger: Automatic Soneil Charger: 2 Amp@36vdc 110-220 Volts
    Averge Recharging Time: 4-6 hours
  • Payload: Payload Capacity: 300+ lbs. (U.S. Pounds)
  • Weight: Gross Weight of Kit: 46 lbs
  • Features: Brush-less motor, meaning you will never have to change the brushes inside it. Brushless motors are more power-efficient than brushed motors, and this one will increase your range by 30% compared with a similar power-rated brushed hub motor. This motor runs on 36 volts instead of 24 volts, so even though it is rated at 600 watts (continuous power output - 750 watts peak output).


(This kit does not include a bicycle - this photo is to show this Kit in action)


Wilderness Kit Top Speed & Troque Considerations
Using the BL36 kit on a 26' wheel, your bike will reach a top speed of 25 mph. On a 24" wheel - 22 mph, and 20" wheel = 20 mph.

If you are thinking about purchasing a bike to be used with your Wilderness Conversion kit, keep this in mind: different wheel sizes will give you different speed/torque performance. So, you should decide what is more important to you: top speed, or acceleration/hill climbing ability. If you're going to be climbing steep hills every day, then you should probably get a 20" bike. On the other hand, if you live in Florida, a 26" or 700C would be better since you will cruise along at 22+ mph. Smaller wheels = torque, larger wheels = high top end speed.

To determine the size of the wheel you need for your bike, do NOT measure your rim. The wheel size is the rim with the tube and tire installed and inflated. Look on your bicycle tire for the wheel size. It should read something like this: 1.75 (width) X 26 (diameter). This would mean you have a 26" bike.


Wilderness Energy Research Systems takes pride in our innovative products that are designed to last a lifetime. We guarantee our products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. However, no product is indestructible, therefore we cannot cover defects attributed to misuse or alteration.

Electric Bike Warranty:
The Bike is warranted by the bicycle manufacturer. The Bike is not warranted by Wilderness Energy Research Systems.

180-day Limited Warranty Motor only

For 180 days from the date of purchase, Wilderness Energy Research Systems will repair or replace, at our option, to the original purchaser, free of charge, any Hub Motor found upon examination by an authorized representative of Wilderness Energy Research Systems to be defective in material and/or workmanship.

180-day Limited Warranty

For 180 days from the date of purchase, Wilderness Energy Research Systems will repair or replace, at our option, to the original purchaser, free of charge, any Controller, Throttle, or Battery Bag found upon examination by an authorized representative of Wilderness Energy Research Systems to be defective in material and/or workmanship.

30-Day Limited Warranty Batteries

For 30 days from the date of purchase, Wilderness Energy Research Systems will repair or replace, at our option, to the original purchaser, free of charge, any Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Pack found upon examination by an authorized representative of Wilderness Energy Research Systems to be defective in material and/or workmanship.

Lead Acid Batteries are fully tested and certified before shipping. However, they are not warranted due to our inability to determine factory defects verses purchaser misuse.

All transportation costs and shipping damaged incurred while submitting parts for repair or replacement are the responsibility of the original purchaser.

I purchased your BL36 kit around a month ago: Everything arrived in good shape.I installed this kit onto a Titan Pathfinder mountain bike. I put together the bike and installed the hub motor all in one session. It took a little bit of filing with a Dremel rotary tool to optimally install the hub motor. Also, the sheer weight of the bicycle+battery+motor made some things more difficult to do, like tuning the gears, adjusting the brakes, and putting the bike away for the night. That is, until I installed this kickin' double kickstand:

This product is a bit pricey, but worth it. It handles the extra weight with ease. I should have ordered this immediately -- installation would have been much easier. With the kickstand down, the front wheel now hovers off the ground a few inches, simplifying brakes tuning. I can also push the front wheel down to tune the back brakes and gears. I can't imagine going back to no kickstand (or worse, the wimpy single leg kickstand that couldn't handle the extra weight).

A few more things: I sewed the Velcro straps to the battery bag to prevent anyone from easily removing the battery bag. Also, I got a steel cable and a small lock from a hardware store to better secure the motor controller to the back rack. I'm now no longer concerned about leaving the bike outside at the train station or near stores. I covered and disguised the motor controller with some cloth. So now, except for the hub motor, it's hard to tell it's an ebike. The brakes that came with the bicycle just didn't have enough stopping power, so they had to be replaced with a more beefy set.

I've ridden this bicycle all over Plano TX, a suburb of Dallas. So far it's performed perfectly. It's pretty impressive how powerful and long lasting this kit is. I've yet to run the battery low, even on (what seemed to be) very long rides. This kit is light years ahead of the previous ebike kit I've used (an old 12V Zap rear wheel friction drive system).

-- Jerry

Thanks Dennis, the kit did arrive Late Saturday, as you said. It's fabulous! Better than I expected!.I thought there would be a big drag with controller shut off and pedalling, but it`s not like the brushed motor, it spins free.Can`t wait for my neighbor to get back and show him, he will want one for sure...thanks again for the great service and a super product!

-- Martin

Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much we enjoy our Wilderness Bike Kits. I bought one for my bike at first and the delivery was very quick. I installed it on Townie 26" in about 6 hours from start to finish and that included a run to the hardware store for some washers and bolts I needed. (Just the nature of the bike) We took it out the next day and had so much fun I came back and ordered the second one for my wife's bike, also a Townie. Once again the delivery was very quick. By now I am a pro at installing them and completed the install even quicker. (I will admit that the Townie fork fit the motor axle perfect and no grinding was neccessary) We then took them to Mackinaw Island where the Ferry people said "look at the Cadillac bikes." We rode all day, pedaling with using the motor to assist us on our ride. Of course there were times we just used the motors. What a great way to see all of the Island. Thanks for the great service and quick delivery.


In the summer of 2008, gas pricess were at an all time high here in Buffalo NY at $4.00 a gallon... I began finding myself riding my mountain bike more often because it was getting very expensive to fill my pick up truck every week. My bike is just a cheap $70.00 Magna from Target. I would quite often ride my bike 7 miles to my brother's house which would typically take me 23-25 minutes. One day while riding, a 50 year old man blew past me on a a mountain bike and there was no way I could catch him...I'm a 200lb, 30-year old man and I'm in pretty good shape too. I couldnt figure out how this guy was going so fast and able to keep that kinda of speed up... I was pedaling at a consistant 16 mph and that still was some work for me. I kinda figured he had some kinda motor on it. Well my watchful eye seen him pull into a Pharmacy up the road and I just had to stop and ask him about his bike. He had a Crystalite Sparrow unit on it and explained to me how it worked. He also told me that he rides it everywhere because it was his only mode of trasportation because he had a little run in with the local authorities... he had a DWI. Anyways, I thought that it was the coolest thing I have seen in a long time and I decided that I had to have one. Durring the Spring of 2009 I began looking at getting an electric ebike conversion kit for my bicycle. I was really intrigued by the idea that my bicycle could not only be used as a reliable alternative form of transportation to my pick up truck during the summer months here in Buffalo NY, but also a speedy one as well. I surfed the web for quite some time and stumble upon Bernson E.V. I was very impressed with the amount of information that your site provided , the different options that your site made available to me and the fact that you have the most unbeatable prices that I have seen anywhere online. This pretty much made the decision for me to purchase one through Bernson E.V.

After looking at what I wanted and what I felt was the best option for me, I decided to purchase the Wilderness Energy 600 watt 36BL ebike kit simply because of the fact that I'm new to the Ebike scene and it was also the cheapest and it had excellent reviews. I ordered the kit in June 2009 and recieved it in just a few days. It was very nicely packaged and was simple to assemble. Within about an hour, I had a complete ready to ride Electric Bike.

The first spin I took on it was a non-pedaling, 7-mile trip to my brother's house and it was a thrill. I have a digital speedo on it and at full throttle the the ebike quickly got to 23 MPH and held steady there for most of my 7 mile ride to my brother's house. It is mainly a flat run with some small hills that didn't even challenge the ebike at all... I think I lost maybe 2 mph while going up them, either way, the ebike motor didnt really care and it just kept pulling along. Upon arriving at my brother's house the ebike was still maintaining 21 mph and my over all trip took me a mere 17 minutes... that is 6 minutes faster than my best time of 23 minutes... and i didnt even pedal at all... I was completely blown away. On my way home i decided that i would pedal with it.. I was able to maintain 24-25 mph and made it home in 15 minutes. It takes me 15 minutes to drive home from my brother's house in my truck, and I just did this on a bike!!!! This thing is a BLAST to ride!

Anyway, I rode My Wilderness Energy/ Magna Ebike quite a bit last summer doing local errands or just going for a nice ride. I logged in over 400 miles on it and I'm thinking that it easily saved me over $300.00 in fuel cost. I paid $369.00 for the ebike kit so its quickly paying for itself! I havent had any problem with the kit at all and it works flawless everytime. Unfortunenatly, winter came to Buffalo again and I had to put it away for the winter.... can't wait for spring to get here so I can ride it again.

I highly recommend Bernson E.V. and the Wilderness Energy Ebike Conversion Kit to anyone looking to get into the Ebike scene. I hope you post my testimonial on your site for everyone to read.

Shawn Horan
Buffalo NY


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